Oxygen Facial

Source: Albany Laser & Cosmetic Centre

 OXYGEN FACIAL in Edmonton

Oxygen facials are very popular now. Clearly, stars like the Kardashians and Madonna swear by these facials. But, what’s the deal with this procedure? Let's find out...

Oxygen facials fight visible signs of aging linked to poor transportation of oxygen. This is usually from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. The facial deals with this deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis.

oxygen facial before and after
oxygen facial before and after

In essence, oxygen facial is the infusion of oxygen into the skin. This is to beautify the skin and solve many skin related issues. It is not an intrusive process. It is simply a cream and light treatment to obtain a younger, brighter, and glowing skin. This kind of facials exfoliates and easily rejuvenates skin texture.

How Does the Treatment Work?

For this kind of facials, a stream of high-pressurized oxygen works. This is laden with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts.

First, a light, emanating from a stick-like machine infuses oxygen into the skin. This stick-like machine is then rotated all over your face. This has a soothing and calming effect on your face. This is the most important step in the whole process.




The machine sprays a serum on your skin. Usually, this contains hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, and loads of antioxidants. All these tighten the skin, making it radiant. It also eliminates wrinkles and fine lines.

Next, your doctor will massage your skin with lotions and creams. It helps to nourish your skin and seal it. In view of this, the effects of the treatment last longer. Special oxygen-infused lotions massages, cleanses, scrubs and exfoliates your skin.

Your doctor will put these nutrients on the face and neck. The oxygen then absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin. And the after effect is a smoother, better glow.

Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

The benefits of oxygen facials are said to be numerous. They range from thorough pore cleansing to lighten hyperpigmentation.

The use of oxygen use helps strengthen the skin’s elasticity and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. It will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more? Oxygen facials even out the skin and diminish pores.

Lots of people who experience the non-surgical oxygen facial treatment rave about it. They notice an immediate change in their appearance. Effects of oxygen facials last about two days. For best results, a series of six treatments is recommended. And this is done along with a six-week timeframe, followed by monthly visits for touch-ups.

Detoxifies the Skin

The oxygen facial helps the skin make the best use of oxygen nutrients in it. This increases the detoxification process of your skin. It helps negate the effects of pollution. Also, it helps in the repair and rebuilding of the skin cells.

Speeds up Cell Turnover

Skin cells have a short lifetime; they die, and new cells replace them. But what helps your cells to regenerate? Oxygen! It enhances the rate at which new cells grow, which, in the end, helps heal acne scars. The oxygen facial gives an extra dose of oxygen to your skin cells. In essence, this aids faster cell turnover.

No Painful Side Effects

This process is very gentle on the skin and doesn’t irritate the skin. Compared to other facials, redness, swelling, stinging, or a burning sensation doesn’t occur. It is recommendable for those who have sensitive skin. Further, those who do not like chemical beauty treatments can use it.

Fast Recovery Time

One of the noticeable benefits is that one can apply lotion or makeup to their skin immediately. While most facials require several hours of waiting before applying lotions, the oxygen facial doesn’t.

Moisturizes Your Skin

Very day exposure to the sun, dust, and pollution deprive your skin of its natural moisture content. This makes the skin extremely dry and lifeless. If you have dry skin, these issues will make your skin even worse. The oxygen facial moisturizes your skin deeply and restores its pH balance. It also protects it from sun damage.

Treats Uneven Skin Tone

The serum used for oxygen facial is high in hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, and botanical extracts. All these treat uneven skin tone and make your face look healthier.

Collagen Infusion

The oxygen combined with the vitamins that are infused into the skin is healthy. It is also beneficial and promotes the presence of collagen. It also affects cells which provide a more youthful look. For those whose skin is stained by tobacco use, there is a solution. The benefits come with lighter, younger-looking skin.

Are There Any Side Effects of Oxygen Facials?

Although no facials are permanent, the effects of this kind do not last as long as others. According to Inner Fit, this means that you will have to undergo the treatments more often to see its effects.

When done often, toxic radicals will be released into the skin, inducing premature aging. This means overdoing it means more wrinkles and lines with time. Other signs of premature aging that counteracts the effect of the facial is also included.

The FDA has yet to endorse oxygen facials, and there is no licensing required for its use. It is thus very crucial that you find a skilled and practitioner to help you with this facial. There have been injuries, discomfort, and other issues linked with the improper use of the oxygen facial.

What's the Cost?

As with lots of skin treatments, its effects are only temporary. To maintain clear, glowing skin, we recommend that a person get treatments once a week. Let it go on for the first six weeks, and then return each month for a regular checkup treatment.

A treatment might typically cost is$150  per visit. With repeated treatments compulsory, oxygen facials are expensive. If you combine the Oxygen Facial with other treatment, you can save $50

It is now clear why everyone in the beauty world thinks the oxygen facial is the perfect facial. It might hurt your pocket but you’d love it in the end.

Source: Albany Laser & Cosmetic Centre