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Frustrated with fat pockets that won’t decrease with your gym routine and diet? We understand that it can be distressing, especially if you can’t reach your goal. But there is good news! Thanks to the latest weight-loss solution, you can lose weight by freezing your fat off.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared body shaping machine that freezes stubborn fat (cryolipolysis). We use carefully controlled plates to freeze the fat cells at sub-zero temperatures.

The temperature causes irreversible damage to the treated fat cells which are then "flushed" away by the body within few months," says Dr. Kamal Al Hallak, an Aesthetic consultant at Albany cosmetic and laser center. Here's everything to know about freezing your fat.


How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that uses cryolipolysis (a controlled cooling process) to freeze excess fat deposits in the body. As the applicator freezes and destroys the fat, nerves, skin, and other tissues remain unharmed.

coolsculpting infographic
coolsculpting infographic

Why there are different applicators for CoolSculpting?

Different body areas have different anatomical shapes. Some areas are wide and curvy, some areas are narrow and flat. Different applicators are used for different areas of the body. For example, the cool-advantage and cool-advantage plus applicators come with three different contours (cool-fit advantage, cool-core advantage, and cool-Curve +). The ability to have a better fitting applicator cup and cooling procedure means shorter treatment time and better results.

What are the recommended number of treatments?

While most patients see visible results with one treatment, it’s not uncommon to require one to three treatments to achieve the best results. If you want greater fat reduction, you may need more than one treatment. You can repeat the process every three months (if necessary) until you feel you've achieved the best results.

Always speak to your doctor before going in for CoolSculpting to know if you're a good candidate.

How long is a CoolSculpting appointment?

It normally takes an hour to treat each section. However, we are one of the very few clinics in Edmonton that owns the updated machines with the new cool-advantage plus applicator. Therefore, the treatment time for each section is around 35 minutes.

Results and recovery

It takes about three months to experience complete results, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeon. But it depends on your body and how it reacts to the procedure. CoolScupting works by fat freezing (cryolipolysis), therefore it works gradually. You will see the first noticeable results after two weeks, and the max results are expected after two to three months.

coolsculpting results in Edmonton
coolsculpting results in Edmonton


CoolSculpting is effective at reducing and removing fat cells, but it doesn’t have any skin tightening results. We recommend to combine it with other laser treatments to attain the best results. We are the only center in Edmonton that owns a full portfolio of different body shaping and skin tightening machines that include Laser, RF, electromagnetic and cryo lipolysis.

You don't need to take time off from your daily activities after your appointment but may want to rest for a day if you feel resuming work might be stressful on your body.

Compared to traditional weight loss procedures, CoolSculpting eradicates fat cells. As stated by the ASPS, the targeted fat cells are lessened by 20%. Some patients will experience a 40% reduction, which is likely in smaller regions like the thighs and upper arms. The procedure offers lasting results, but it’s recommended you maintain an exercise and healthy eating routine.


What are the side effects of CoolSculpting?

You may feel cryolipolysis-induced numbness in the treatment area for a few hours. Bruising may be noticed due to pinching and tugging, which is part of the suction process. Prepare to feel sore for a few weeks after the procedure. Downtime experienced by CoolSculpting patients is minimal.

Other side effects include:

Swelling, redness, tenderness, tingling, stinging, muscle cramping, skin sensitivity, mild pain, and a pinching sensation.


How to care for skin after CoolSculpting

Dr. Kamal advises patients to wear compression garments like Spanx to minimize possible redness and swelling. He also recommends that patients return to normal activities post-treatment. Also, remember to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water – this will help expel the frozen fat cells

What is the average cost of CoolSculpting?

In 2016, the average cost of a non-invasive treatment like CoolSculpting was about $1,500. The cost depends on the area you want to treat, how many areas you want treated and how many appointments you require for each treatment area. Remember, the bigger the target area, the higher the cost. Also, treating several areas can increase the cost. It’s best to consult with a board-certified aesthetician to create a treatment plan for you.

If you experience weight gain in the treated areas, you may need to come in for additional sessions. It is recommended that you continue with a healthy eating and exercise routine after your treatments to maintain the best results.


Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting in Edmonton
Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting in Edmonton

Final thoughts

This FDA-approved non-invasive treatment isn't a magic bullet. But a 2014 clinical trial advertised in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, proves that CoolSculpting offers impressive results. The procedure reduces about 25% subcutaneous fat in the target area.

However, if you go back to unhealthy habits after treatment, it can conceal the slimming effects. "I always ask my patients to observe a good lifestyle to maintain the results," says Dr. Kamal Alhallak, Ph.D.



To learn more about this procedure or to book an appointment, fill out our online form or call our office. Alongside body shaping services, we offer many other services as such Microneedling,  Vaginal treatments and  Filler and  Botox injection

Source: Albany Laser & Cosmetic Centre


cool sculpting, Fat Freezing, and Alternatives in Edmonton

Source: Albany Laser & Cosmetic Centre

cool sculpting, Fat Freezing, and Alternatives in Edmonton

Are you fed up with some annoying stubborn fat that stops you from wearing your favorite dress? We provide Real Results for Real People Through different machines.

Cellulite removal


Fat Freezing in Edmonton is an innovative treatment that works through Cryolipolysis to remove stubborn fatty areas that resistant to diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis is commonly known as CoolSculpting. Thanks to this treatment, you can say goodbye to stubborn fat stops you wearing your favorite dress.

How does Fat Freezing work?

Fat Freezing works based on the science of cryolipolysis. So what Is Cryolipolysis? It is a medical process that Freezes and destroys unwanted fat cells through freezing. During treatment, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will use a special tool to freeze the fat cells. Freezing occurs when temperatures between 41 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit target the area.


Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting in Edmonton
Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting in Edmonton

Over time, the body system will process the treated fat cells and discharges the dead cell. The treatment usually has dramatic results and gives a sculpted and toned body shape. Treatment areas include upper arms, double chin, tummy fats, love handles, muffin tops, and inner and outer thighs. We offer different treatment plans to target more than one area a time.


coolsculpting infographic
coolsculpting infographic


As mentioned before, Cool-shaping and cool sculpting works through fat freezing in the cells to sub-zero to triggers a programmed cell elimination called apoptosis. After the consulting session, the fat freezing in the cells and thaw again, the fat cell membrane will dissolve releasing the content to the lymph system. Therefore, the result of cool shaping and cool sculpting is not instant but is permanent. It takes about 90 days to see the results.

coolscuplting results in Albany Cosmetic and laser Centre
coolscuplting results in Albany Cosmetic and laser Centre

What Is Cryolipolysis, is it the same as Fat Freezing?

Yes, Cryolipolysis is also known as CoolSculpting. It is a gold standard body-slimming solution. The system delivers cryogenic temperature with LED technologies to enhance the treatment results.

Thereafter, the Low temperature freezes the fat cells. And LED technology helps enhance circulation to tighten the skin. Further, a special membrane protects the skin to avoid frostbites during the procedure. Our machine brand is Cool-Shaping which provides more affordable treatments and better results.

Does Fat Freezing reduce weight?

Most times, people believe that reducing fat is the same as reducing weight, but it’s not. Losing weight makes fat cells smaller. however, it does not make them go away. Moreover, weight loss sometimes results in uneven body shape as some areas lose fat more than others.

During the teenage years, the number of cells in the bodies becomes a fixed number. During this period, losing or gaining weight does not affect the number of fat cells in the body. But, it changes the size of fat cells in the body. When you go on a diet to reduce weight, the fat cells get smaller. But this doesn’t change the number of fat cells. The other treatment goal is to help you to get the body shape of your dreams using treatments.


body shaping price list
body shaping price list


Why Choose Fat Freezing?

It is an easy and relaxing treatment that lasts 45 min with no downtime. Moreover, you do not need any special preparations or diet and you can go back to your normal activity within 24 hours.


CoolSculpting Edmonton
CoolSculpting Edmonton


Who is a good candidate for Fat Freezing in Edmonton?

Most clients will not notice a significant decrease in their weight. Fat Freezing is ideal for people who are within their normal weight (not more than 30 BMI). Also, it is for people who want to shape their bodies.



Also, they wish to get rid of stubborn fat in areas like the love handles and muffin tops. Further, Cryolipolysis is for people who are fit but have unwanted bulges in some parts of their bodies. The areas include the thighs, abdomen, and arms. Also, these areas are unable to decrease through dieting and exercising. Fat Freezing helps to contour and slim fatty areas, giving the body a natural look. Further, Cryolipolysis can't be substituted for weight loss. As such, it is not recommended for individuals who are obese.


bodyshaping 1
bodyshaping 1


What are the risks involved in Fat Freezing?

The process is safe. What this means is, you will only feel a tugging, tingling sensation. The sensation occurs when the skin is between the devices’ two cooling panels. Since the procedure is non-invasive, most people do not need recovery time. Patients can go back into their daily activities as soon as the treatment is over. Although, like with any cosmetic procedure, it is normal to experience redness, minor swelling, Tenderness, Bruising, Numbness, Muscle cramping, Skin sensitivity.



Who should avoid Fat Freezing?

CoolSculpting is the safest way to remove fat cells in the body. But, certain people should avoid the procedure. Fat Freezing may not be best suited for their health condition. They include:

  • Pregnant women or those attempting to become pregnant. Also, if you’re currently breastfeeding is not recommended.
  • People who have cryoglobulinemia.
  • Immune-deficient patients
  • People with chronic anxiety disorder
  • Severe pain intolerance and fibromyalgia


Coolsculpting is a trade name for a cryolipolysis machine owned by Allergan and Sculpsure is a brand name for a laser body shaping machine owned by Cynosure. Albany cosmetic and laser center in Edmonton does not own these machines and does not claim to provide services related to Cool Shaping and sculpture, However, we provide alternatives for body-shaping machines with similar or even better results.

What are some of the benefits accrued to Fat Freezing?




  • Quick and simpleThe time taken during Fat Freezing treatment depends on the treated part of the body. But, the majority of Crylipolysis procedures only last minutes. Thus it is fast and you can fix it within your busy schedule.

    Natural-looking results

    All cosmetic procedure aims to boost your confidence by giving the look you desire. Fat Freezing helps to keep the natural-looking body because it is non-invasive.

    Help reduce weight gain

    The procedure helps reduce the risk of gaining weight. Also, the results are long term since the body flushed out the destroyed fat cells.

    Safe procedure

    It is a low-risk procedure and very much safer than liposuction. If you are considering Fat freezing in Edmonton, seek out an expert medical practitioner. Choose a doctor with several years of experience performing the procedure. The medical practitioner would be very much experience in giving guidance.

    Also, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will determine if the procedure is the best treatment option for you. But, there're limited researches on cool sculpting because it is new. But various researches show the procedure is a safe technique for fat removal.



    Why Fat Freezing in Edmonton?

    CoolSculpting is the perfect body contouring treatment. It is the best treatment for patients who want a fast and noninvasive treatment. Another advantage is that CoolSculpting is cheap when compared to some surgical procedures. Although CoolSculpting technology is an effective body contouring option, it may not work for you. It is because each individual has a unique problem area.

    Kuma Shape, Velashape and Sculpsure

    SculpSure tries to achieve the same result as Cryolipolysis. But it does with a different approach. Rather than freezing fat cells, SculpSure uses heat to destroy fat cells. During the treatment, an aesthetician will place applicators over the target area.

    Next, lasers will heat the fat in the area. Once damaged, the body's lymphatic system will sweep away the damaged fat. Just like Cool Sculpting, SculpSure takes about 3 months to see complete results.


cool sculpting Edmonton


VelaShape is a non-invasive treatment that helps reduce cellulite. The procedure lets you achieve a shaped and toned body in three treatment sessions. Also, VelaShape will help make you feel and look young. What's more, VelaShape provides great results without discomfort or downtime.

Kumashape features the combination of bipolar radiofrequency, infrared light energies, and roller massage. They work simultaneously to heat the fibroblasts connective tissue. This stimulates the regeneration of elastic fibers and collagen. Also, it improves lymph and blood circulation to improve metabolism. In general, the procedure is vital for healthy skin.



Further, each treatment takes 20 minutes. After a complete treatment, it will reduce thigh cellulite, and shape your buttocks. Also, Kumashape improves disturbing postpartum stretch marks and beautifies the skin in general.

Lipo Laser and Radio Frequency (SculpSure and Velashape)

The radiofrequency in Kuma shape and the laser energy in Sculpsure break down the fat cells. It breaks down the fat cells by heating it to around 46-degree Celsius. It induces specific enzymatic changes that get fat cells into the self-termination stage (apoptosis). This is because the Thermal energy heats the fat tissues 3-4 degrees higher than the skin surface.

So, the skin temperature stays around 44C with burns. Further, we use Kuma shape and sculpture to reduce fat and tighten different body areas. Besides the body slimming treatment, Kuma shape also treats cellulite and stretch marks.

What do we use at our clinic?

Use a combination of THREE different technologies. They include:

  • Cryolipolysis which the same technology as Cool Sharing
  • Radio Frequency which is the same technology as Sculpsure
  • VelaShpae and Ultrasound Cavitation.


body shaping
body shaping


Which Machine is more effective? CoolSculpting or Sculpsure

Each technology has its benefits. For example, the machine that works through low temperatures helps with fat reduction. but does not provide any skin tightening. But, machines that work through high temperatures provide less fat reduction. Also, they help tightens the skin.

So combining these technologies will have better body shaping results. We, at Albany laser and Cosmetic Center, combine different body shaping and fat freezing technologies. Also, we will create a plan that will work for you during our initial consultation.


Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Every heard about Ultrasound for diagnostic purposes? Body slimming centers use Ultrasound Fat Cavitation to improve the results of CoolSculpting. It works by destroying the fat cells through a very high frequency of ultrasonic waves.

The results will be fat cell disruption and rapture. While it's insignificant by itself, the treatment offers a nice add-on for Coolsculpting and sculpture. Also, it is an alternative to Kuma's shape in clients who can’t tolerate heat.


Tummy tuck or Cool Shaping in Edmonton

Current developments in body shaping have made it possible for people to look perfect. Fat freezing is a viable alternative for removing undesirable fat bulges. But, how can one know the ideal treatment options one? A tummy tuck is a basic procedure for contouring and reshaping the waistline after childbirth. But, a non-invasive alternative is now available— Cool Shaping

The procedure is a non-invasive treatment. It is perfect for removing unwanted fat by freezing the fat cells.

Still, need more info? You asked for it

What is Cool Shaping (Fat Freezing)?

As stated earlier, the procedure is a non-invasive treatment. It is perfect for removing unwanted fat by freezing the fat cells. Also, Cool Shaping uses advanced technology to remove undesirable fat pockets. Further, it is a treatment that helps reduce fat without damaging your skin.

How long does it take to perform Cool Shaping?

Cryolipolysis is done by a specialist and requires about 1 hour to complete the treatment. Also, Fat Freezing does not need any downtime.

What are the side effects of Cool Shaping?

The side effects of Cool Shaping are mild and generally short-lived. Some side effects include swelling, soreness, and redness.

Who are ideal candidates for Fat Freezing in Edmonton?

Cryolipolysis is an FDA approved procedure used by both men and women to achieve their desired look. The perfect candidate has visible bulges in specific areas, which they want to get rid of. Also, ideal candidates are those who want a non-invasive alternative to tummy tuck.

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck procedure helps removes undesirable fat. Also, it helps remove sagging skin from your midriff. Also, it can tighten your stomach muscles to make it look firmer and flatter. During the surgery, Dr. Kamal (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) combines muscle repair and liposuction to change the look of your stomach area.

How long does it take to perform a tummy tuck?

With a tummy tuck, you need about 6 weeks to recover and it depends on the medical procedure.

What are the side effects of a tummy tuck?

Common side effects following a tummy tuck procedure include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Numbness around the tummy
  • Scarring
  • Swelling
  • Bruising and more

Who are the ideal candidates for tummy tuck?

The following are ideal candidates for tummy tuck:

  • Are in good health
  • Are overweight in the midsection
  • Have droopy or loose skin around the abdomen.
  • Have realistic tummy tuck expectations. You can discuss your expectations with Khamal.

Who are ideal candidates for tummy tuck?

The ideal candidates for this procedure include:

  • Women who have conceived
  • Individuals with a stretched tummy as a result of rapid weight loss or weight gain.

So, to choose which is ideal for you, here are a few interesting points to consider.

Is your skin loose and saggy?

If you have unwanted skin tissues in your tummy, a tummy tuck might be the best option. Fat Freezing offers a minimal firming effect. But it can’t remove excess flaps or folds that come with weight reduction, pregnancy, and aging.


How long do you have to recuperate?

The recovery time for this invasive treatment is extensive compared to non-surgical treatment. If you can’t devote one week to recuperate from a tummy tuck procedure, then you should consider Cool Shaping

Do you want dramatic results?

Patients who are satisfied with their waists, but have bulges are perfect candidates for Cool Shaping. Also, if you’re searching for more significant enhancement, a tummy tuck is a good choice. The procedure offers dramatic results than Fat Freezing. Also, it does a lot more than remove pockets of fat.

Tummy tuck also eliminates excess skin and tightens the muscles of the abdomen. Further, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) can alter Tummy tuck to suit your needs. But it depends on the fat and skin you want to remove. Some patients need a mini tuck while others may need a total tummy tuck with muscle tightening. So, this method removes fat and skin from the waist and back region.

What is your budget?

The costs of an extended tummy tuck procedure (including liposuction) range from $11,000 to $12,000. But, the average price of a tummy tuck is approximately $5,500. But, Fat Freezing costs about $600 to $1,200 for each area. Some patients can enhance their bodies with a budget of $2,000 to $4,000. But it depends on the areas you want to treat and treatment sessions.


Do you feel comfortable with scarring?

A tummy tuck procedure gives scars and it is extensive. While the scars will not fade away completely, they do diminish with time. Also, you can cover the scars with various clothing

Aftercare tips

With enough rest and the right drugs, most patients can control pain after the procedure. After surgery, we encourage patients to stay away from exertion. Also, take a light stroll around the house to avoid constipation and to maintain blood circulation. For Cool Sharing, wear comfortable clothing and move around to reduce inflammation and pain.

Why choose us for your Body shaping in Edmonton?

We understand that several clinics offer Cool shaping in Edmonton. But, we at Albany laser & cosmetic center choose our fat removal machines with care. Also, we’re innovative in combining them to achieve the best results for fat reduction and body shaping. Moreover, our priority is our clients. So, you will get honest expert advice about how to handle your specific concerns.

Still, don’t know which procedure to go for?

We understand this article contains a lot of medical information and medical terms. But hey, why not come for a free friendly chat in a nice environment!!!

At Albany Cosmetic & Laser Center, we will take measurements, show you the machines, and suggest a protocol. Also, we will discuss the cost and available payment options. If you want to look more youthful and flawless, contact us today! Commit to maintaining the results with a stable diet and regular exercise.

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Source: Albany Laser & Cosmetic Centre